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Flight Squadron

Price $72.75
In the early morning, birds of all sorts set out to enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. 

Aerial Reconnaissance

Price $72.75
As the sun rises above the horizon, Grey-headed flying foxes slowly return to their respective trees in search of the perfect branch to sleep for...

Patience and Precision

Price $72.75
With fixated eyes, a Nankeen Night-heron patiently watches the water’s surface while it awaits the opportune moment to strike.

Silent Hunter

Price $72.75
Accompanied by the sunrise, predators of all sorts set out to hunt and feed. Some predators rely on stealth, precision, patience, and silence like...

Feathered Quarel

Price $72.75
During a communal feed during the morning, two male Little Corellas quarrel over food. The top-ranking male throws the other on the ground and...

Persistent Parenting

Price $72.75
Parenting is a strenuous and persistent task for the animal kingdom. For many birds, such as this Sooty oystercatcher, it means keeping her eggs...

Identical Love

Price $72.75
While swimming along the lengths of a lagoon, two Great-Crested Grebes copy their partner in a mesmerizing mating ritual. 

Tidying Up

Price $72.75
Anxiously awaiting a female visitor, a juvenile male Satin Bowerbird quickly re-arranges a blue bottle cap to decorate his bower. 

Dancing for love

Price $72.75
In the depths of the Australian forest, a young male satin bowerbird practices his mating ritual. 

Flattering Feathers

Price $72.75
Being a true exhibitionist, a juvenile male Satin Bowerbird dances around his bower to impress an interested female. 

Silent Steps

Price $72.75
In search of food, a Large Egret quietly navigates the shallow part of the lake with patience and concentration. 

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