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Aerial Reconnaissance

Price $72.75
As the sun rises above the horizon, Grey-headed flying foxes slowly return to their respective trees in search of the perfect branch to sleep for...

Guarding with Caution

Price $72.75
An Eastern Grey Kangaroo female displays her matriarchal instincts. Older and more experienced, she carefully guards the joey in her pouch with...

Silent Steps

Price $72.75
In search of food, a Large Egret quietly navigates the shallow part of the lake with patience and concentration. 

Curious Eyes

Price $72.75
Perched on a pine, is a male Yellow-tailed black cockatoo feasting on the tree’s seeds.

Silent Hunter

Price $72.75
Accompanied by the sunrise, predators of all sorts set out to hunt and feed. Some predators rely on stealth, precision, patience, and silence like...

Petite and Vivacious

Price $72.75
During the early morning, birds set out in search of food and nourishment. Double-barred finches specifically, fly in small communities and feed...


Price $72.75
Juvenile and inexperienced, this Black-shouldered kite patiently sits on top of a wooden perch while waiting for an opportunity to hunt and...

Feathered Quarel

Price $72.75
During a communal feed during the morning, two male Little Corellas quarrel over food. The top-ranking male throws the other on the ground and...

Frosty Fur

Price $72.75
Surrounded by winter morning frost, a young male Eastern Grey Kangaroo observes his surroundings while trembling among the cold grass. 

Attentive Ears

Price $72.75
Illuminated by the rising sun, a young female Eastern Grey Kangaroo hops out to warm herself and dry off the morning dew. 

Tidying Up

Price $72.75
Anxiously awaiting a female visitor, a juvenile male Satin Bowerbird quickly re-arranges a blue bottle cap to decorate his bower. 

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